How to Send a Biopsy

Local courier service and direct pick-up via UPS/FedEx are available. Complimentary standard, second day and overnight shipping methods are offered.

For tissue specimens:

  1. Put tissue in formalin bottles, label bottles with the provided labels and place them in a biohazard bag
  2. Include our completed biopsy order form in the bag with the bottle

For slide consults:

  1. Place slides in slide jackets, cushioned in bubble wrap
  2. Include our completed biopsy order form or a physician’s consult letter
  3. Include any clinical information, photos if available or previous pathology reports

For immunofluorescence:

  1. Place fresh tissue in the provided Michel’s media. If H&E interpretation is also requested, include additional tissue placed in a labeled formalin bottle. Place bottle(s) in a biohazard bag
  2. Include our completed biopsy order form

For molecular testing:

If molecular testing is needed, we will notify you in our dermatopathology report and explain the process on how to proceed. When all materials are finalized, secure all material into the UPS/FedEx bag and affix the provided labels.

Customer service contact:
(937) 412-4230 or 1-844-DermLab
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