myPath™ Melanoma

October 6th, 2015

Great news! A new clinically validated RNA-based diagnostic test, myPath™ Melanoma, is now available from Myriad Genetic Laboratories to aid in the diagnosis of melanocytic lesions as being either benign or malignant.

 As you know, melanoma is highly curable if diagnosed and treated in early stages. There is a marked difference in survival between localized and metastatic disease, with 10 year survival rates of 86-95% for patients with the localized disease, versus 10-68% for patients with advanced metastatic melanoma1. Therefore, diagnostic markers that facilitate accurate diagnosis of melanomaat earlier stages could help prevent progression of the disease and reduce patient mortality. The myPath™ Melanoma assay features 23 unique molecule biomarkers whose gene expression profile has been shown to differentiate benign lesions from malignant melanoma with high sensitivity and specificity in multiple independent cohorts.

The development and training of the assay was conducted on 464 melanocytic lesions consisting of all major histological subtypes2. The assay was validated in a second cohort, with a total of 437 melanocytic lesions, also consisting of all major histological subtypes. In this validation study, the assay had a sensitivity of 90% and a specificity of 91%.

A small group of dermatopathologists have been selected nationwide to have exclusive access to this test at no cost to patient, physician, lab or third party payor for a limited time prior to the test being widely available. Dr. Shamma has been selected as one of those dermatopathologists. This test would be useful, in conjunction with the histopathology and clinical findings, to help in elucidating the nature of the melanocytic lesion in question. If you would like more information or would like to obtain this test on a specific patient, please contact Dr. Shamma.

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2 Clarke L et al. American Society of Dermatopathology 50th Annual Meeting. 2013.

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